Services Offered

Individual Coaching and Training

Get ALL YOU NEED right in your home.

-Save tons of waisted time and let us design a personalized path to success for you

-Get inspired with cutting edege tequniques

-Learn how to turn your envitonment into an invogorating workout

-Put the FUN into Functional fitness

-Recover from an injury

-Prepare for an athletic event

Strategic Nutrition

Gain the truth about fueling with fat, using your meals to reboot your metabolism, and how to target your optimal body with evidence-based nutrition workshops.

Group Fitness Classes

Safe, progressive and cutting-edge training for all ages, devoted to body mechanics, functional fitness, athletic conditioning, strength and sport-specific events. Check out our calander and try your first class free.

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“I have made some amazing changes in my life through the support and encouragement of these classes and some of the amazing women I have met through them. Awesome classes!”

Lynne from S.O.A.R

“..very effective, challenging and fun. Pushed me into doing things I didn’t think I was capable of. The outdoor portion was very enjoyable”

Deb from Core Camp


Mary from Metabolic Blast Bootcamp

“I’ve been able to see a huge improvement in my fitness level and I know it’s because of this class – Hollan is heaven sent” 


Core Camp Student

“I lost a couple inches in my waist, which meant I had to buy some new clothes to celebrate the new me!”

Core Camp Student

“Since I have started your very challenging class I have not had a single episode of shin splints. I have had shin splint issues for nearly 6 years and I am enjoying running with NO shin issues!! Hooray!”


Ronnie from Pilates for Runners

“Hollan’s compassion and encouragement kept me going. She really cares about her students.”

Metabolic Blast Boot Camp Student


“Your words are always in the back of my head reminding me that I CAN do something I think I can’t. For believing in ME when I didn’t (which still happens). Thank YOU for really really making the most positive change in my life.”

Alex from S.O.A.R

“The training got progressively tougher as I got stronger. Hollan did an amazing job motivating me when I didn’t think I could keep going.”

Sheri from Mudder Training


“This is one of the most inspiring classes and people I have ever met. enables you to grow as a person and overcome your inner obstacles. I truly recommend this class to everyone!”

Erica from S.O.A.R

“…I would not trade a Friday TMT [Tough Mudder Training] class for going out eating and drinking with my buddies on a Friday night. Thank you for your knowledge, your attitude, and the example you set.”

Mark from Mudder Training and S.O.A.R

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