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You are only as strong as your accountability.

I was standing there with shoulders painfully pulled down, toed out like Donald duck with my chin tucked so far back that I could count two double chins.

Being assessed by my accountability partner who is an expert in body alignment, I was boldly laying my ego on the alter in faith of  mobility redemption.  Her soft words resounded in my mortified mind, “Hollan you have to honor where you are at”, as she tenderly pulled me out of my self deception.

Nothing can be optimized with out objectively taking a good look at what IS.  Weather it is our body alignment, our soul’s, our career’s or relational alignments, by our very nature, we are self deceiving and need the expertise and insights of others who are trust worthy enough to enter that sacred role in our lives.

It was the most liberating, humbling and powerful step in my own journey of optimizing my athletics and vitality to learn where my deficits and blind spots were.

Humility allows us to open up the unfavorable parts of ourselves in light of healing and better alignment. To allow select, wise and insightful fellow humans in to our growth journey not only catapults us further along, but it humbles and inspires the other to  move through their own weakness with increased mutual accountability.

No great venture or success would ever be embarked upon with out first taking an account of the needed resources or abilities to achieve it. To take an account of our abilities and inabilities (account- ability) is the prelude of greatness!

Heres the magic! Whether you are the one investing in anther’s potential, or are embarking in that sacred interchange by recruiting the accountability of another, KNOW you are growing in account-ABILITY-STRENGTH!