Armed To Be Fearless: Part 1

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Where does your inner security come from?

If you’re not sure, just think about what you’re most afraid of losing. That’s probably IT!

It’s probably either:

A position of influence

An image (body, appearance and/or possessions)

A loved one/ones

Your body

I recently saw a billboard that said, “Live Fearless” with a big shield flashing its archetype image of security and protection reminiscent of the final battle scene of “Braveheart” where Mel Gibson valiantly leads his few courageous men into a shower of flying spears with shields held high.

I laughed as I noticed the finer print on the billboard revealing the health insurance agency that was boasting such mighty claims as the ability to give us humans security. Ha, what a joke!

The real Brave Heart, William Wallace, didn’t have health insurance that the Billboard was selling, yet that movie from 1995 was the 13th highest grossing movie worldwide with $210,409,945 rolling in from real people like you and I wanting to vicariously feel the power of living FEARLESS! He wasn’t a noble man, but a single minded man living one purpose.

In our present culture, we have the same desire to live a life of purpose and power FEARLESSLY. Yet, we arm our hearts with the very things that weigh them down and cause us to implode from within, impotent to live fearlessly.

When we turn to the armor of the world (our image, our position or our loved ones) to shield us from feeling vulnerable, weak or shameful, we become dependent on THOSE things in our lives to guard us. Any armor that isn’t attached securely ISNT armor of any worth. Loss comes, not often in the form of flying spears and razor sharp swords, but in the form of sickness, disease, betrayal and poverty, all of which can pierce through the soul of the human as deadly as a sword to the heart.

To live fearlessly requires confidence. Like William Wallace, we too can be confident in battle with a single mindedness that comes from knowing who we are and WHO’S we are. That confidence to walk into what most would flee way form comes from an utter dependence on Gods presence inside us.