Integrative Fitness Coaching and Personal Training

Save time and money by delegating your fitness strategizing to us! We have the experience to make your efforts far more efficacious, fitting the best techniques and methods to your unique situation. We equip you to work out SMARTER not HARDER by getting to the root of the matter.

The more details we know about your individual situation and goals, the better we can provide a clear and doable action plan.

There are a lot of factors like personality, injuries, temperament, life style and environmental influences that we take serious before designing the right plan strategy for you.

Because of this, we require all our potential clients to fill out an on-line TrU Fitness and Nutrition Assessment that we methodically review before setting up an initial phone (and sometimes in person) consultation.

The initial consultation is $38 (including the on-line assessment and half hour phone consultation) becomes the foundation from which we decide how to move ahead. There are no agreements or obligations from the client to proceed.

If the plan is agreeable, then we set up our first session (either in person or through Skype) where we put our clear action plan into practice TOGETHER.  Our methods involve evidence based physiology, compassionate active listing, psychologically sensitive motivational techniques and repeated testing to identify continued measurable results.

The following sessions are $85 involving advanced programs, testing and feedback.


Strength is revealed through constraint

Posted by TrU Fitness and Nutrition on Wednesday, August 16, 2017