Juicing – Liquid Gold

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Since the 70’s, the practice of juicing has taken off like wildflowers after spring showers!

Although this is good, there is a BIG problem with juicing fruits. Fruits without their fiber are like candy bars without their nuts; pure sugar bombs! Fructose, the sugar in fruits is highly problematic when consumed without fiber, fat or protein. It is beneficial only in MODERATION and in whole food sources.

However, the benefits of juicing VEGETABLES are beyond belief, especially for folks fighting illnesses and with compromised immune systems. Being that most of your immune system is derived from the gut, digestive and gut absorption problems can often inhibit the natural absorption of the minerals and vitamins that so prevalently are found in plants. Although a healthy person would be able to absorb the powerhouse of nutrients in whole fresh vegetables, a sick person often cannot. As juicing separates out the fiber from the juice, a highly absorbable form of crucial nutrients is left in a state that is easily assimilated into the body.

So, give it a try! Here is one AWESOME recipe that I call Liquid Gold, because it is one of the richest substances that you can ingest!

It tastes amazing and leaves me with a feeling of RADICAL vitality, energy and clarity; it must be ALL those vitamins!

Liquid Gold

Half of a beet

5 carrots

5 celery stalks

1-2 large cucumbers

1/2-1 inch ginger root piece

1/2 inch turmeric root piece

Giant bunch of fresh cilantro

Giant bunch of fresh parsley

Three leaves of either collard greens or kale

1 peeled lemon


Take your time processing it through your juicer being mindful that loose small herbs and greens always need to be fed into the juicer accompanied by hard veggies like cucumbers, carrots and beets. You can check the pulp container to see if all veggies were used. If I find large pieces, I reuse those.

Most importantly, share and drink your “liquid gold” immediately as it will rapidly lose nutrients within a matter of minutes. If you store it, it will turn into liquid waste.

Cheers to empowering yourself with the best natural riches we have been given!


Happy Juicing!