Paleo, Vegan or Keto!

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I get asked this all the time; “what are you?” regarding my nutritional approach. I think what they are asking me is if I am:

Vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean, Keto, Raw, Macrobiotic OR Vegetarian?

As humans, we find comfort in categories and titles. We understand the world by categorizing similar things with similar things. The problem in doing this with nutrition is that dietary needs are individual.

The bigger problem is that when we identify ourselves BY how we eat, we falsely assume that eating behaviors and choices define us. They DON’T!

That is a BIG topic for another blog. Let me just say that YOU are a multi-faceted and complicated person identified not by what you eat, but what you dream about, what you long for, what you love, what you live for and who you follow. YOUR identify is FAR grander then what you do or do not ingest.

That said, what you ingest is very important.

So what am I?

Vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean, Ketogenic, Raw, Macrobiotic OR Vegetarian?

Lol…. I put the ‘science’ behind it ALL to good use in individualizing an optimal diet to meet the nutritional needs of my clients!I take the latest research that I am learning and apply the principles in an educated and balanced way to the best of my skills.

What am I?

Personally, I eat more veggies then a vegan, I eat raw when raw is better for me then cooked, I eat cooked when cooking will help my digestion and I eat animal meats from more sustainable sources then many vegetables come from. I avoid grains, eat raw cheese, choose the MOST nutrient dense vegetables, the lowest carbohydrate choices and am far more fearful of too little fat then too much. You title THAT!

Bottom line, there is NO one way to eat. Your age, your gender, your life style and your DNA determine what to and not to eat!

Eat so that you can become WHO you were meant to BE!