Obsticle Race Training

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S.O.A.R: The MOST inclusive athletic conditioning program fusing military suspension training with high intensity intervals (HIIT) and eccentric muscle conditioning all in ONE SUPER transformational hour. This spring S.O.A.R will be joining the annual Tough Mudder Training for those that want to test their results in the final Vermont Tough Mudder Event on June 25th. The event is optional, but this training  is foundational for those that want to soar through it or just look like they could.

This program is ideal for athletes wanting to shred the last stubborn 5lbs and become the ultimate hybrid ‘beast’ as well as for beginners wanting a boost of encouragement that comes from contageous measurable progress.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm at East greenbush Town Park

(This program is presently listed under and called S.O.A.R)