Sugar, grain, gluten, soy and preservative free cooking IS possible and metabolically powerful! I empower my clients to become fat adapted; I teach the science that unlocks the hormones to BURN FAT with real food recipes and life style guidance, with out starving, craving, caving or crying.



I'm now taking on new clients on Wednesdays and Fridays

who want to master the use of dietary fats, proteins and plants to become fat adapted (AKA a fat burner) and break the sugar addiction.

 SHRED FAT without supplements, products, diet plans or subscriptions. I teach you how to use REAL FOOD to bolster your own FAT BURNING metabolism


You Get:

A personalized plan to follow

Your questions, fears, myths and practical problems answered

An education about HOW the metabolism works that explains the why behind the what

Practical salutation for on the go lifestyles, crushing cravings, and smart restaurant options.

Food samples, cooking demos, time saving tips, batch cooking, addiction busting strategies (Specific to the needs of the client)

personal e-mail/FB or phone support for one week after

You invest:

1-3 hours

 $38 initial set up and personal meal planning phone session

$85 in home session

I defy the lie that anyone 'needs' products, shakes or fat burners (part of a mass money making market) to become lean. I individualizing YOUR optimal nutritional strategy for YOUR body and lifestyle type and set you free from the bondage of the diet industry.


Creamy Coconut Porridge

Gluten, grain, soy, dairy and sugar free


1 cup coconut milk

6 egg whites

12-15 drops stevia

1 teaspoon vanilla


Himalayan salt 

1 cup sugar free dry coconut flakes (optional)



Simple Instructions:

Blend all ingredients except the nuts, coconut flakes and berries  

Pour the liquid into a soup pot and add the dry coconut flakes. Heat up the contents until it’s a medium temperature while continuously stirring to prevent caking or burning on the bottom of the pot.

Ready to serve with metabolic POWER!

You can also throw in a handful of raw crushed almonds, walnuts or seeds as a garnish if you like with a few berries

Killer Creamy Curry Cauliflower Soup


1 -2 heads of cauliflower

1 celeriac (optional)

1 -2 bunch of kale, chard, spinach or any of your favorite greens

2 T Astragulus powder (

Ginger root

1-2 Garlic cloves

Coconut milk (1-2 16oz cans)

Himalayan salt

Red pepper

Fresh Cilantro

1. Place a whole grass fed, free-range chicken in a crock-pot with enough water to fill it up 1/3 full and leave it on high for 2-3 hours. It has to be 165 degrees to be safe to eat. Remove only the bird and place it on a large cutting board. Using a fork and knife, remove all the meat from the bird and store it in a separate bowl. Then take the remaining carcass and bones and place them back in the crock-pot with enough added water to fill it up. Add 2 T of vinigar. Leave that ‘bone broth’ for 24 -36 hours cooking checking on it periodically to make sure there is enough water.

2. Boil your cauliflower in enough water so the pot stays wet (I usually fill the pot 1/3 full).

3. Stir fry your greens in coconut oil, salt, ample water and a little fresh lemon or lime juice to squeeze in

4. Blend up the cauliflower with enough water to keep it moving in the blender

(You can skip this step if you want to manually mash it like mashed potatoes with a masher right in the pot)

Add to the mashed cauliflower:

A handful of fresh cilantro

2 or more T curry powder

Fresh grated ginger (I use about a 1-2 inches of the root)

1-2 T Astragulus powder (immune boosting mushroom madness)

Himalayan salt to taste (to support your adrenals)

A pinch of red pepper

The stir-fried greens

The chicken meat

1 fresh garlic clove squeezed

This is ready to eat now…BUT, when the bone broth gets done, you will want to add that in (ill continue explaining how to finish the broth up) after I explain the IMPORTANCE of it!

Bone broth isn’t called “Jewish Penicillin” for nothing. When we simmer down the parts of the chicken that wouldn't normally be consumed we extract amino acids, collagen and glucosamine that reducing the inflammation of the respiratory system, heal the digestion and boosts our immune function.

This can also be healing to the conditions of leaky gut, food intolerances, allergies, arthritis, and can help fight visible cellulite by making the skin more elastic.

Unlike store bought bullions and broths, FRESH bone broth offers our body an easily absorbable source of crucial minerals that many diets are deficient in, not because they are not present, but because they may nor be absorbable. We are what we absorb!

Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and sulphur are absorbed through fresh bone broth.

For the athletic community, fresh bone broth has L-glutamine wish is the “cake” of the amino acids for body composition as it helps prevent the break down of lean muscle gains earned through those hard workouts.

So how do we do it????

Bone Broth:

1. After the carcass and water has simmered for 24 hours, strain the contents into a large bowl refrigerate for later use …or …

2. Refrigerate until the top fat hardens and scrape it off for healthy cooking fat.

(Keep the fat on it IF you are going to leave the bone broth in the fridge for more then a few days. The fat helps preserve it.

The broth is then ready to enjoy AND mix it into your curry soup and CELEBRATE a killer meal that will roast those viral bugs!


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